Family holiday cards

Do you guys send out holiday cards? We never have, but I've always wanted to send a family photo card with a heartfelt note to friends. This year, I realized that photo cards are actually less expensive than buying boxed cards at the grocery store, so the decision was made! Now we just need to choose one. I've narrowed it down to four favorites...
1.Joy Accordion card. Bonus: You get to include 8 photos.
2. Greetings card, classic and beautiful.
3. Colorblock card feels cute and festive.
4. Happy New Year card looks old-fashioned and nostalgic.

Are you going to send holiday cards this year? Which would you choose? I think I'm leaning toward the top two.

Bonus: Pinhole Press, my friends' company and one of my beloved sponsors, is offering 10% off everything in their shop until December 31st. Just enter the code CUPOFJO. xoxo

(Top photo via New York Times)